Noelle O'Brien
Designer and Illustrator


Taken at a dessert-heaven event "OMGDessertGoals" in Brooklyn.

Taken at a dessert-heaven event "OMGDessertGoals" in Brooklyn.


I live, breathe, and sleep design— specifically, graphic design and illustration. I have a love for detailed linework and hand lettering, and enjoy incorporating it into designs whenever appropriate. I am most passionate about brand and identity, package design, restaurant graphics, and hand lettering. 

I’m currently based in Manhattan. I’ve always been an observer, easily inspired by the beauty of the world around me. I often look to nature and my surroundings to help fuel my creativity.

Fun fact: I am also a big foodie. If I had to choose an ideal project to work on, it would be of any relating to food. When I'm not designing, I am eating and taking photos of sweets No matter the subject, I aim for the best possible quality and put my heart and soul in each and every project I take on. I am currently available to take on freelance projects.

Feel free to check out my design experience on my resume.

I’ve done work for a range of clients within the beer, liquor, entertainment, food, and retail categories such as:


Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to some of the stock used. For creative purposes only.